August 2021 Client Alerts

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This month for you we have the following Munro’s Client Alerts:

👇👇 Also this month... Planning for Your Later Years & Death and Thank You for Your Patience.

Planning for Your Later Years & Death

It’s a reality that many of us will grow old and die.

A key pillar of Munro’s is to help you throughout your life; and then to assist your family with your later years and deceased estate as painlessly as possible. This includes ensuring your wealth is safeguarded and transitioned to your loved ones tax-effectively when the time is right.

Some of the things we can help with include:

- Confidence in your Will: being a Will drafted by experienced lawyers with input from Munro’s so it aligns with your goals and does not create unintended tax consequences.

- Prepared for the future: an Enduring Power of Attorney so that when the time is right your loved ones can help manage your legal and financial affairs later in life. You may also want an Enduring Power of Guardianship to cover your lifestyle and medical affairs.

- Wealth for, and during, retirement: we work alongside financial advisors to help you safeguard your wealth and achieve your financial goals – especially during retirement. Where you do not already have a financial advisor, we can make an introduction to those we trust.

There are many more aspects of your life that Munro’s can assist with. So, please keep this in mind and whenever you need help, think of Munro’s – we’re here to help.

Thank You For Your Patience 🙏

Great client service is extremely important to us at Munro’s, so we wanted to provide you with an update on our workflow and turnaround times.

With it being a new financial year, this can be one of our busier times of year. This year we are particularly busy due to COVID disruptions, stimulus measures, and increased demand for professional services. As a result, we find ourselves inundated with work.

We therefore take this opportunity to let you know that we are working as fast as we can to provide each and every one of our clients superb advice and assistance. Whilst working as fast as we can, it may take us a bit longer than usual to complete your tax returns, etc.

Please be assured that we will endeavour to complete your work as soon as possible, and should you require anything urgently, please let us know.

Many thanks for your understanding and patience.

About Munro’s

Munro's | The Professional Problem Solvers

“Problems Solved, Like No One Else”

As trusted confidants and savvy advisors to business owners across Australia, Munro’s is routinely called upon to solve complex business problems and attend to all your accounting needs.

Our ultimate goal is to do what it takes to help you:

✔ Start, Grow and Exit Million Dollar Plus Businesses;

✔ Legally Minimise Your Taxes; and

✔ Safeguard Your Wealth.

We call that: Experiencing Success.

Part of the way we help you Experience Success is by going beyond just ticking the compliance box. Rather, we empower you to make smarter business decisions with innovative solutions.

Though our innovative solutions are perfect for all types of businesses, they are especially useful for:

🔼 Startups (Early Stage Innovation Companies);

🔼 Family Farms;

🔼 Hospitality;

🔼 Large Format Retail;

🔼 Property Developers & Landlords;

🔼 Pharmacies; and

🔼 Cryptocurrency / Blockchain enthusiasts.

For social proof of all this, we draw your attention to our many 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (five star) reviews on Google. Thanks to our world-class commitment to superb advice, innovative services and 5-star client care, we are proudly a Top 1% ranked Australian Accounting Firm.

Whenever you need help with your tax return, optimum structuring, Seed round, succession planning or specialist advice, you can trust in Munro’s to help you: Experience Success!

Contact Munro's today and let's Experience Success, together.

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