January 2022 Client Alerts

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We begin the year with two important client alerts:

1. Four Things Every Employer Should Know About STP Phase 2

The mandatory expansion of Single Touch Payroll has commenced. In this Client Alert we run through:

  1. When does this take effect?
  2. What does STP Phase 2 include?
  3. What remains the same?
  4. What do you need to do to prepare for STP Phase 2?

Read the article here.

2. Protecting Your Family Home from Creditors – Sophisticated Asset Protection

A recent Federal Court tax case is a sobering reminder you and your spouse cannot take asset protection for granted. In this Client Alert we:

  1. Briefly run through the Commissioner of Taxation v Bosanac case and note that the family home was not protected albeit it was not in the name of the defendant.
  2. Introduce “The Protector” – a sophisticated asset protection strategy to protect your family’s wealth
  3. Highlight the importance of acting early to mitigate clawback periods

Read the article here.

5-star Reviews

We’re also proud to share with you a couple of our latest 5-star reviews:

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Our exceptional accounting and tax services are of great benefit to Munro’s clients, but what is truly unique about Munro’s is our ability to help entrepreneurs make smarter decisions. This is achieved through a process of partnering with business people whereby they obtain access to coaching, tools, information and networks which lead them to success in business and life.

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🔼 Pharmacies; and

🔼 Cryptocurrency / Blockchain enthusiasts.

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