July 2021 Client Alerts

| Accounting, Business, Wealth, Bitcoin, Farm Services

We start the new financial year with the following Munro's Client Alerts:

COVID, Lockdowns and Keeping in Contact

At Munro’s we wish to support our clients however we can. If you are impacted by lockdown or COVID generally and could benefit from a chat, then please feel more than welcome to reach out to us. We’re in this together.

Mystery Gift, Thank You 🙏

We recently received and distributed amongst staff a surprise “mystery gift” from a very satisfied Munro’s client. We take this opportunity to publicly express our appreciation for the gift. Thank you. 🥂

About Munro’s

Munro’s is a Top 1% ranked Australian Accounting Firm headquartered in Perth, publicly recognised for its outstanding commitment to:

  1. Superb Advice;
  2. Innovative Services; and
  3. 5-star Client Care,

... via its many 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (five star) reviews on Google.

With superb systems and knowledge, Munro's clients are empowered to experience success.

Areas of specialisation include (as well as business accounting generally):

  • Startups / Early Stage Innovation Companies;
  • Commercial Property Landlords and Developers;
  • Pharmacies;
  • Family Farms; and
  • Cryptocurrency / Blockchain.

If you need help with your tax return, optimum structuring, Seed round, succession planning or specialist advice, then... Contact Munro's today and let's Experience Success, together.

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