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How to save tax?


All too often, come tax season, we get sent historical information from clients with the objective to minimise their tax burden as much as legally possible. Whilst we do our utmost, we are unable to change the past.


Minimising tax is often about timing. For many, tax is often an afterthought as people want to make money now and worry about the tax later. As a result, many are caught out paying more tax than what could have been required.


Everyone wants to save on tax and we absolutely want to help make this a reality. That’s why we put together Munro’s Smart Tax Planning Services.


We’ve been hard at work for the last couple of months providing clients with Smart Tax Plans to action before 30 June in order to legally reduce upcoming tax bills (or increase tax refunds). Congratulations to everyone who has already benefited from our planning advice.


We don’t want you to miss out and regret not getting a Smart Tax Plan.


Our Smart Tax Strategies may potentially save you THOUSANDS in tax!!!


That’s your hard earned wealth, in your bank account, for your interest, rather than the Tax Office - as the last thing you need is a surprise tax bill.


What is a Munro’s Smart Tax Plan?


When you engage us for a Smart Tax Plan we review your situation including income, gains, losses and expenses to estimate your tax bill. We then put our specialist minds at work to provide you with Smart Tax Strategies tailored to your unique situation which will legally reduce your tax bill or increase your tax refund. You’ll then feel confident that you’ve paid the least amount of tax required and hopefully this means you’ll have some extra savings to treat yourself and family to something special!


So, with less than two weeks to go, we urgently need you to contact us to schedule in your end of 2019 financial year Smart Tax Plan. Call us today on (08) 94275200 or simply submit an enquiry here.


Also, don’t forget, accounting fees for tax planning services can be claimed as a tax deduction.


Two five-star reviews from our clients:


“…I will recommend your service to any of my friends…..”



“I'm extremely pleased with the services of Munro's Accountants. They are professional and easy to work with…. AAAAA+++++”

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