Buying a Business in Western Australia – Part 4 – Don’t buy a Titanic! A brief intro to The Purpose-Led Difference

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After having read the previous three articles in this blog series, it will be apparent that when it comes to buying a business, it is critical that you properly validate the proposed business acquisition. Unfortunately, many aspiring business owners don’t do this.


If you’re someone who takes this advice to heart and gets that there is a way to avoid making the same usual mistakes, doesn’t want to suffer the same regrets and wonder what-if; then to avoid a disaster like buying a Titanic, what you should do is follow The Purpose-Led Difference framework.


The Purpose-Led Difference is the formulaic and high performance framework to validate a business and is positioned to help you stay on course.


The framework is built upon systems that successful entrepreneurs have used to consistently grow and scale their business from the ground up to create dependable profits.

When you buy a business following The Purpose-Led Difference framework you will:


  • Validate your business and ensure you have customers that want to pay for your products or services so that you avoid buying a Titanic.
  • Know if you have a market that is willing to pay a top price that equals profitability for you.
  • Identify the profit potential and possibilities along with the risks for your specific business so that you realise the true value before you invest (get this right and you’ll know how to recognise the difference between a gold mine and a disaster awaiting).
  • Be ready to leverage the #1 asset to every business that will help you bring your visions to life.
  • Manage your tax and legal compliance (the boring stuff…that will help you stay compliant and in operation!)
  • Buy a business you will find rewarding and enjoy owning.
  • Plus, so much more!

What’s so powerful about The Purpose-Led Difference framework is that it gets you to consistently apply the six key components required to achieve long-term business success.



At the epicenter is purpose. You need and want to buy a business that is Purpose-Led.


Knowing why you are going into business; what truly drives your passion to want to sell your products and/or services and make a positive difference to your customers’ lives, is an absolute must in today’s dynamic and demanding competitive marketplace.


“Companies with purpose last.

Brands with purpose grow.

People with purpose thrive.”

- Leena Nair, Chief Human Resources Office, Unilever


As you begin your journey into business ownership, these days you need to follow the Purpose-Led Business Journey. Being a Purpose-Led Business ultimately helps you form deeper connections within yourself, with existing and future customers, with your employees and even with your suppliers. With this comes greater financial success and fulfilment of your yearning passion!


Purpose-Led Businesses enjoy stronger growth; with Meaningful Brands outperforming the stock market by 134%! [Meaningful Brands 2019 Press Release]


Purpose leads to clarity,

               Clarity leads to focus,

                               Focus leads to action,

                                             Action leads to success!


The world’s best companies get it. They are embracing the Purpose-Led ethos.


We believe the evidence is clear and compelling that brands with purpose grow. In fact, we believe this so strongly that we are prepared to commit that in the future, every Unilever brand will be a brand with purpose.”

- Alan Jope, CEO, Unilever


“It’s been three years since I started at Medibank and I continue to be struck by the extraordinary power of a deep purpose driven organisation. I can personally vouch for the value of a strong company culture. It’s unifying and humbling to see how determined our people are to achieve our purpose of Better Health for Better Lives.”

- Craig Drummond, CEO, Medibank


This is why it is no longer an option not to be a Purpose-Led Business. When looking to buy a business, following The Purpose-Led Difference framework is a pre-requisite to success.


We are happy to share with you the intricate details of The Purpose-Led Difference and the innovative, high performance Purpose-Led System of Advantage used by Munro's to apply this framework and help aspiring business owners buy a business and start their journey towards extraordinary success and avoid bankruptcy. Simply reach out to us to meet with a Munro's Purpose-Led Guide or come along to one of our seminars.


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