Reminder: Priority .au Domain Registration Finishes Soon

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We remind you that time is running out to register the “.au” version of your domain name.

Currently, if you have an existing website domain ending, or you are able to participate in the Priority Allocation Process for the equivalent .au domain, which runs until 20 September 2022.

During the priority allocation period, you have first choice to apply for priority status to register the .au direct match of your existing domain names. For example, Munro’s will be able to register and use the domain name as well as (or instead of)

Should you decide not to apply, the .au domain will be made available for registration by the public on a first-come first served basis after 20 September 2022.

How to Apply for Priority Status

If you’re planning on registering your .au direct domain, here’s a step by step guide you can follow:

  1. Apply for priority status via your domain name registrar, or any other accredited registrar offering .au direct namespace.
  2. Prepare payment of the application fee, like the prices of domain name registrations, this fee will vary between registrars.
  3. Ensure that you are eligible to hold the .au domain which forms the basis of your application. Your eligibility for your existing .au domain will be checked when you apply.
  4. If you choose to apply through a different domain name registrar, you will need to retrieve your priority token from the Priority ID Token tool. A priority token enables the new registrar to confirm that you’re the current registrant of the existing domain name.

Once you submit your Priority Status application, you will be unable to update the registrant information associated with your existing domain name (I.e., or while your application is active. It is important to make sure it is up to date before you lodge your application.

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