You can still enrol into JobKeeper, but hurry! (June 2020 Client Alert)

| Business, Accounting

Whilst you can no longer enrol for JobKeeper to claim for the months of April and May, if you are eligible you can still enrol to claim for June onwards.

If you plan to claim for JobKeeper payments you make to employees in the month of June, or claim as a business owner, you need to be enrolled by no later than 30 June 2020.

Generally, if your business has suffered a decline in sales of 30% as compared to last year, or you satisfy an alternative test (i.e. applicable to new businesses), you may qualify for JobKeeper.

It is our understanding that some business owners have not yet enrolled for JobKeeper, albeit that they qualify. We encourage you to ACT NOW to ensure you don’t miss out.

Call us if you are ensure if you qualify and/or don’t know how to enrol and claim the subsidy.

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