Business Services

Munro’s range of business services is designed to help clients build their businesses and build them better.  Years of experience combined with technical excellence help you make smarter, more informed decisions about your business and we deliver our service the way we have always done – one-on-one.

  • Business Start-Up

    We work with clients to turn feasible business ideas into reality.  We can advise on the right vehicle and structure for the venture, as well as prepare the necessary plans and budgets, assist with financial proposals and do all the regulatory paperwork. And we will provide on-going support if you need it.

  • Budgeting

    Probably the most fundamental of all management tools, a reliable budget is invaluable for any business and is often insisted on by lenders. 

    Munro’s assists clients with the process of designing a budget that helps shape their business and guide them through the financial year. 

    Our involvement in the process can vary according to your needs – from advice and review of your budgets right through to full design and modelling. Whichever you choose, you will find that getting the right professional help early on in the process pays dividends down the track.

  • Cash Flow Forecasting

    Businesses can sometimes be profitable but still experience serious operational constraints due to poor cash flow. 

    We can model your cash flow to provide you with accurate forecast reports that allow you to make key financing decisions relating to expansion, stock control, creditor payments, tax payments and expenses.

  • Benchmarking

    Knowing how your business compares to others in your industry provides you with invaluable management information.

    Munro’s has access to nationwide statistics for most industries. We help our clients interpret industry data to see how they compare to their competitors, and we help them understand the dynamics of their industry.

    We then work with our clients to identify key performance indicators to use in monitoring on-going performance.

  • Chief Financial Officer

    When a business starts out, the first few years are its most vulnerable.  You are probably very busy on the operational side, which is where your interest lies.  But financial decisions made in the first few years are usually critical not just to the success of the business but also to its survival.  You need someone who really understands accounting, tax and finance but when you are starting out, it can be too expensive to employ a full time person. 

    Munro’s solution to this conundrum is to use rapidly advancing technology to connect with your business 24/7 and to act as a virtual Chief Financial Officer at a fraction of the cost of employing one full time.

  • Company Secretarial Services

    We undertake the full range of company secretarial services to ensure that our clients comply with all legislated administrative duties, leaving them free to focus on generating profits.

    Our services include:

    • Advice on all aspects of company regulations
    • Formation and dissolution of companies
    • Filing of annual returns
    • Preparation of all minutes and resolutions
    • Maintenance of all statutory records
    • Share transfers
    • Use of Munro's as registered office
  • Succession Planning

    Having a sound succession plan for your personal and business assets is key to ensuring that wealth is not dissipated or disputed when it passes from one generation to the next. 

    We are able to help our clients decide what the objectives of their succession plan should be, and can help put in place the various legal documents required to give effect to that plan. Thereafter, if appointed, we can administer the estate in accordance with our client's wishes to ensure that assets are protected and all liabilities are met.

  • Superannuation

    Munro's is able to offer clients a range of services relating to superannuation including establishment of self managed superannuation funds, regulatory compliance and data returns, accounting and taxation and superannuation audits.

    We ensure that all super funds use the required transmission methods and keep SMSF trustees and employers up to date with legislative requirements.

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