Business Validity Deep Dive

The $1,000 voucher for a Purpose-Led System of Advantage ‘Business Validity Deep-Dive’ is valid for a limited time only. 

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This is your chance to implement The Purpose-Led Difference framework and safeguard your business purchase – make sure it will pay off and create dependable profits, and avoid being stuck with a lemon that could drive you to bankruptcy!

Here's what's included in The Business Validity Deep Dive: 

The Discovery Meeting

  • Meet with not one, but two experienced Business Advisors and Accountants who have a passion for imparting knowledge to help you make the best decision for your business and achieve your goals in the short, medium and long-term.
  • Discussion of your business ideas to help you identify the best course of action to achieve your business goals.
  • Broad discussion of best-in-class tax minimisation planning so you become aware of how to structure your business to ease the tax burden now and into the future.
  • After the Discovery Meeting you’ll receive a full “Discovery Meeting Report” which includes recommended course of action.

Extra bonus: The Discovery Meeting is 100% FREE if you choose not to go any further than this.

The Business Validity Deep Dive

  • A thorough Deep-Dive to validate that you will be purchasing a business which is worthwhile and priced correctly (don’t get ripped off!).
  • At least a one-day Intensive Future-Focused Strategy Session with not one, but two experienced Business Advisors and Accountants who have a passion for imparting knowledge to help you make the best decision for your business and achieve your goals in the short, medium and long-term. During the intensive session we apply The Purpose-Led Difference framework to assess whether the business can achieve what you want, or will it be a gigantic waste of time and money?!
  • Financial projections prepared by highly skilled accountants to help you identify and visualise the possible, realistic future business performance and profitability.
  • From this process the proposed business purchase can be valued to help with negotiating a great price for the business acquisition.
  • A Smart Tax Plan to get things off to the right start by minimising tax and state duties now during the purchase, and future-planning to potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time the business is later sold (this future-planning is something often missed costing entrepreneurs a lot of money down the road!).
  • Business owner upskilling to help prepare you for the challenges of business ownership.
  • A tailored Purpose-Led System of Advantage Plan for you to follow after purchasing the business to help achieve long-term success and mitigate the dangers of steering off course into financial ruin.
  • Findings and recommendations will be provided in a Comprehensive Business Validity Deep-Dive Report.
  • Peace of mind that you’ve taken the necessary step to determine whether the business can be a success (or if the business will be a disaster which you can avoid!).
  • Plus so much more!

But it doesn’t stop there. When you join the Purpose-Led System of Advantage inner circle, you are also getting a lifelong guide in business with a high-performance mindset that will work with you to ensure your business is an extraordinary success!

If you’re ready to evaluate your business idea and determine whether it will be an extraordinary opportunity or disaster, make sure you jump on this today!

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The Purpose-Led Munro’s Way

A little bit about us:

  • Munro’s Purpose - to help family owned businesses and entrepreneurs change lives for the better!
  • People-first / Human-centric – Our relationships are with people and we regularly and repeatedly reflect upon our interactions with clients and our own people to ensure a warm, convenient human-touch.
  • Honesty, Integrity & Transparency - Trust is a fundamental part of everything we do. We trust and really care about one another. Our clients trust us, which we love and really appreciate. To build and maintain trust, we are always honest and transparent.
  • Lifelong Learning – To remain at the fore-front of innovation we must be avid lifelong learners; researching, understanding and utilising knowledge from multiple disciplines to have well-rounded CEO capable skills and a prudent opportunistic mindset.
  • Creative Excellence - We are determined to find the best solution and be bloody good at it. A mindset starting with ‘what could be’ rather than ‘this is why it can’t work’. Working collaboratively with clients and our team of talented people, we find creative solutions which others would seldom even think of.
  • Purpose-Led System of Advantage – We work collaboratively with Western Australian family owned businesses and entrepreneurs having real change-making strategic discussions - starting from the top with “for what purpose”; in order to continuously provide no-nonsense best-in-class advice and assistance led by purpose, to achieve clarity, find focus and take action to make a profound difference to clients’ lives.

Why (purpose & passion) +

Where (vision & direction) +

How (action & accountability) 

= The Purpose-Led Difference (profit & meaningful impact)


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