Initial Improvement Sprint

The initial improvement sprint is for those businesses, with at least $250,000 in existing annual revenue, who:

Know they can and should be doing better,

but don’t necessarily know where to begin.

Find out more below, and then arrange a free meeting to discuss if this is right for you and how we get started (Risk-Free for new Munro’s clients).

An alternative place to start is the Improve Programme.

Primary benefit of the sprint

This Initial Improvement Sprint helps you discover:

  1. What you need to focus on to improve your business;
  2. In what order; and
  3. How

Plus, it very importantly goes one step further, to help you:

Actually get started on business improvement.

People who are interested in this sprint:

  • Are usually struggling with profitably and growth;
  • Potentially overwhelmed and burnout;
  • Too dependent on unpredictable growth; and/or
  • Have no improvement plans.

This sprint addresses common barriers

  • Not knowing what to do, where to start and how to do it;
  • The fear of failing; and
  • Finding the time to work on very important, but often overlooked “non-urgent” tasks. I.e. Beating the “too busy” syndrome.

Overview of the problem this sprint addresses

Unfortunately, many business owners and leaders haven’t been trained on how to implement business improvement plans.

This leads to many businesses either having no plan or having a plan that is seldom put into action.

The result:

  • Less than ideal operations, profit and growth; and
  • Frustrated owners, leaders and rising stars.

Our 45 day and 90 day mixed in-person and online sprints have been designed to overcome the aforementioned scenario. To enable business owners, with their managers and rising stars, to identify improvement opportunities and understand the leadership requirements to turn plans into actions and then success. Importantly, the sprint also helps you to actually put plans into action.

Is this right for you?

To be part of the sprint, you should be an established business with:

  • Product-market fit;
  • More than 2 full-time equivalent employees;
  • At least $250,000 in annual revenue; and
  • Genuinely committed to change.

What you’ll get from the sprint

The sprint is structured to identify opportunities for business improvement.

You will not only identify changes that need to be made in order to improve, you will importantly work on those changes. It’s much more than a workshop.

During the in-person sessions you will discover what it is your business needs to do to achieve your objectives. You will develop simple business improvement plans with built-in tasks, accountabilities and authorities.

You will put these into action between sessions throughout the sprint. Importantly, you receive support between sessions too.

You receive a Business Improvement Manual with materials relevant to the sprint that will help you make the required changes between sessions, and after the sprint ends.

Further, between sessions you have access to online materials to combat forgetfulness and instead help embed new capabilities

By the end of the sprint you will have taken real action to be heading towards an improved business.

Additionally, you will know what to do next to continue improvement.

Do it with your team (we highly recommend this)

Not only do business owners and leaders need to learn how to lead a team to success, the team also needs to learn how to be led to success.

The sprint supports team involvement with flexibility to accommodate varying team sizes.


The sprint is a mix of in-person and online.

It is available in every capital city in Australia, as well as major regional cities around Australia.

A disbursement for travel costs will be added to the price for sprints run outside of Perth.

Private or with others

We offer flexibility by making the sprint available:

  • Privately – only your business is involved.
  • With others/cohorts – participate in the sprint with other businesses.

Privately run sprints are available year-round and planned around what is best for you.

Cohort run sprints are available on an irregular unplanned schedule subject to our availability and demand.

If a cohort sprint isn’t listed, then it is unlikely we will be running one for at least two months.

Your time commitment

The sprint is available in 45 day and 90 day options. The longer option provides greater opportunity to embed action and achieve real results. We recommend the longer option.

Each participating individual will need to dedicate an average of approximately 3 hours per week to the sprint.

The investment

Private Cohort
Number of People in Your Team 45 day 90 day (Recommended)

45 day


5,150 8,890



5,400 9,760



5,650 10,630



5,900 11,500



6,150 12,370



6,400 13,240


All prices are excluding GST.

A disbursement for travel costs will be added to the price for sprints run outside of Perth.

75% is payable upon booking. The remainder is payable at the conclusion of the sprint.

Give Us a Go, Risk-Free

For first time business clients of Munro’s, if we chose to work with one another, we’ll guarantee you a Risk-Free Trial. This sprint can form part of that trial.

This is a 90-day trial offering a refund if not satisfied, providing a no-risk opportunity to experience our services before committing to a longer-term plan.

We offer this because we know it can be difficult to take the first step and we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

It’s our first way of helping you, beat the status quo!

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