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★★★★★— Kevin Yuen

Recently when I approached Saul and Drew at Munro’s regarding a tricky cryptocurrency investment situation they were very helpful in assisting. They are very knowledgeable about the area and their insights and recommendations were very much appreciated.

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★★★★★— Paulo

Excellent accounting service with a deep understanding of tax implications for SMSFs.

I was very impressed with Munro’s accounting service. Before I engaged with Munro’s, I met with accountants across Australia, but I decided to go with Munro’s because of their breadth and understanding of taxation.

Brian from Munro’s was able to quickly and efficiently complete my 2023 tax returns, and also provided additional advice and expertise on how I could better structure my affairs.

Originally, I briefed Munro’s to wind back my SMSF due to the administrative burden of managing it. However, Munro’s was able to clearly understand my affairs and prepare the tax documentation in a way that reduced the administrative burden. I was so impressed with their service that I decided to continue with the SMSF after all.

I highly recommend Munro’s to anyone looking for an accounting service with a deep understanding of taxation and SMSFs.

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★★★★★— Nick Tighe

On behalf of our farming family, congratulations on 50 years. We have been with Munros 3 generations starting I think when My Grandmother switched at the start. My late Father always had good dealings with whoever was assigned to us which there have not been too many over the 50 years which I think may be a reflection of the stability and integrity of Munros. Simon Strawbridge who was the new kid on the block back in my fathers day and the rest of the team has always provided us with great service and we thank the whole team for their support over the years.

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★★★★★— Ivan

They know what they are doing. No matter how complex your accounting is, Munro’s is the way to go. They also have international experience. Drew and Mike’s expertise and responsiveness won’t disappoint you.

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★★★★★— Greg Hill

Congratulation on achieving 50 years in business! We made the move to Munro’s in 2015 and have since received sound professional advice & services for all accounting, taxation, business development and succession planning needs, to us personally, to our family and to our group of companies. We have found your services to be efficient, effective and of the highest caliber. Many thanks from the Hill Group.

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★★★★★— Darryl Chester

Congratulations on 50 years of accounting.
Munro`s have managed our family business affairs for approximately 45 years.

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★★★★★— Mark Howlett

Got terrific service and advice from Drew. Simple, informative and a quick response time too. Would recommend.

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★★★★★— D C

Munro’s is delivering excellent results for me. My initial engagement was a complex situation comprising of many years of outstanding returns in both the traditional and cryptocurrency space. Drew, Sanjay and Saul were able to rise to the challenge and managed the whole process including preparation, lodgement and dealing directly with the ATO. They have always been friendly, responsive, diligent and provide actionable advice based on observations they have made from my data and by also understanding my personal goals and objectives.

I am confident I have the right team by my side with Munro’s and I highly recommend Munro’s to anyone looking for top quality service and advice.

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★★★★★— Troy Nesbitt

Congratulations to Munro’s for achieving 50 years of service to WA, with a special thanks to Mike and his team for looking after us through our business, personnel and financial journey.

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★★★★★— Nicholl & Utley families

We are 3rd generation clients.
Munros are more than accountants they have a general interest in the wellbeing of our business.
Munros are forward thinking business organisers and friends
We wish them well for the next 50 years

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★★★★★— Matt Mckinley

Drew, Simon and the team at Munro’s have been our family and business accountants for many years now. They provide excellent service and advice. We would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

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★★★★★— Shelly Forrester

At HiscoNFE we use Munro’s for all of our tax and accounting advice and we are always impressed with the quality of their service. The team at Munro’s is extremely knowledgeable, professional, helpful and affordable and Drew in particular is a guru when it comes to anything that involves tax. On the rare occasion where Simon has suggested we get a second opinion for a complex tax matter, the Munro’s advice has always been proven to be spot on! We highly recommend the team at Munro’s and we are very grateful for their support over the last 10 years. Sincere thanks from the owners at HiscoNFE!

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★★★★★— Joe and Wendy McKinley

Thank you to all the Staff members of Munro’s who have cared for our business over the last 50 years.
Always competent and friendly.

Best wishes for the future.

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★★★★★— Doug Harwood

Congratulations Munro’s… on your 50th year celebration.

It has been a pleasure working with you, since we opened our business 8 years ago. In particular, Ben Paul has been supporting us for the whole journey so far and we can highly recommend his expertise & friendly service.

Geoff, Doug & Yvonne Harwood

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★★★★★— Steve Nunn

Mike and the team at Munro’s have managed our personal and business affairs for over 20 years consistently achieving excellent results. Now in retirement we continue to be totally confident with Mikes advice. Congratulations Munro’s on 50 wonderful Years.

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★★★★★— Gautam Sathivel

One of the best decisions we made was switching our accounting services to Munro’s. Especial thanks for Saul and Brian for their extensive knowledge, understanding our business requirement, goals and most importantly keeping us compliant. Extremely happy to engage with this organisation and team.

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★★★★★— Graeme Bassett

We are delighted with the friendly, knowledgeable and efficient service Simon and his team provide.
We have tested Simon’s patience and humour over the years but he has always managed to come through with a smile.

Thank you to Simon and his team!

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★★★★★— Traviss Orr

Thanks Drew and Michael, great job 👍

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★★★★★— Fay & Steve

Our Munro’s Experience began approximately 38/40 years ago. Steve’s parents were already customers of Munros, in particular Barry Virgo, and we followed suit.

For the first couple of years we had several changes of Accountants at Munro’s (we always got the newbies and had to ‘train them up’ to know how to get the best deal from the Tax Office for farmers. We became fed up of this system. Our last newbie was Simon Strawbridge. Well, we got him “trained up right proper” then they wanted to give us the next new one, but we stated we weren’t changing.

Today, Simon is still our go to man. Whilst we understand there have been many very efficient people working in the background on our business affairs, for which we thank them sincerely, we have always maintained our professional relationship with Simon.

We have been through some big business changes in our farming adventures over these past 40 odd years, and the advice, help and professional assistance has been 100%. At times we didn’t know who to trust to give us the best business advice and we were fortunate to be able to lean on Simon’s vast knowledge to help us make these decisions.

Our working partnership of having our taxation needs, investment portfolios, wills, etc. linked in with Munros and the great staff has been successful.

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★★★★★— Barbara and Murray

From the moment we met Simon Strawbridge we were impressed and put at ease by his personable manner. We knew our taxation assessment was in competent and knowledgeable hands.We have been with Munro’s for 8+ years. During this time Drew Pflaum assisted us with BAS issues, which was greatly appreciated easing another financial burden. All the staff whom have assisted us through the years have been highly professional and always pleasant. In particular those at the reception desk always helped us with a smile. Even when reception was not attended, someone was quick to assist us. Munro’s make taxation assessment time a breeze. Thank you Munro’s. Congratulations on 50 years of excellent service

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★★★★★— Pond Family

Highly recommend Munro’s accounting firm AAA +++

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★★★★★— Doreen Wilkinson

Have been using Munro’s for over 30 years and have been completely satisfied with the friendliness and expert knowledge they provide. I would fully recommend anybody needing an accounting firm to use Munro’s. Well done Simon and the team.

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★★★★★— Tom Robson

Drew and the team have been excellent from the day we began our journey with Munro’s. They’ve always been prompt with communication and provide advice that is clear and easy to understand. We’ve been very happy with their service over the last 3 years and look forward to working with them into the future. Thanks Drew, Nick, Simon and Carl!

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★★★★★— Cris Yanez

Extremely professional, attention to detail and a knowledgeable team. Working with Drew and the team at Munro’s was a pleasure.

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★★★★★— Jaxius

Drew and Cherie are the best accountants that I’ve had so far with their lightning quick responses to my trivial questions. They actually take the time to explain what they are doing and why. Highly trusted and recommended.

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★★★★★— Arky Abbott

Fantastic work. Professional accountants with incredible response times and excellent advice.
Perfect service

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★★★★★— Asif Raza

Drew was extremely helpful and professional. Highly recommend!!

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★★★★★— Mike Eames

Drew and the team at Munros have managed our tax for the past 4-5 years. Drew has the expertise to resolve all our queries and always provides excellent service. We would highly recommend Drew and team.

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★★★★★— JD Duv

I highly recommend Drew Pflaum at Munro’s for any matter relating to property, crypto, business tax, etc. I’ve recently met with Drew and he was very diligent and knowledgeable in explaining the best possible options/solutions I have available for my business. Drew is definitely the go-to person for any complex tax matters.

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★★★★★— Gary Lambe

The Munros Team have exceeded my wildest expectations, with delivering the most competent, friendly and fruitful service. Thanks to their patience, great lines of communication and willingness to take on difficult challenges- they have turned my headaches into happiness. I’d recommend Munros to any Trader using complex or new systems, and maybe feel like their tax situation is an unholy mess. Munros worked hard to really understand the nascent Kinesis Monetary System, with its nuanced trading complexities. Purely due to painstaking efforts to “nut it all out”. Thanks heaps… Absolute Legends!

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★★★★★— Carlos Braun

Have been using Munro’s for many years now and always happy with the thorough and speedy work they do. Highly recommended.

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★★★★★— Val McAlpine

David and I have been loyal clients of Munros for many years—I think since we were married in 1962. David made all the decisions in those early years. I became a more active partner as we worked with Ted Wilhelm and Ian Arblaster until their retirement. We then worked with Christine Prasetia for our financial, accounting, taxation and our wills until David’s death in May, 2017. Christine has patiently guided me through taking up the reins of our business venture. She is very efficient and totally reliable in all our dealings. I feel fortunate to have Christine as my accountant and business advisor. Thanking you, Val McAlpine

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★★★★★— Bev Margetts

Mike has been most helpful and professional with our accounting, superannuation and taxation affairs. We had transferred some years ago from a less than professional person and now very pleased to be with Munro’s. Congratulations on 50 years and best wishes for a long and successful future.

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★★★★★— Ferrante Alvarezdetoledo

Happy 50 years !!! I joined Munro’s in 1974 just close to when the accounting firm had started, Don Munro was my accountant at the time and helped greatly in all my various problems and successes and he still remained a very dear friend to me; now Simon Strawbridge is looking after me and I can only praise all the work that he has been doing for me not only in accounting, but also in advising my various legal problems and investments.

I can only say well done to the whole team and hope that I will still be their client in the coming years.

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★★★★★— David Boddington

From the small technical stuff to the sage big picture advice, Simon and team Munro’s have been patiently guiding and safeguarding our family’s financial journey for decades. THANKS !! Here’s to the next 50 years!

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★★★★★— Frances Morrell

Munros have been a wonderful support over the last 50 years. Christine , Simon and previously Barry, have taken tremendous care of all my accounts and have even managed not to laugh at the state of my annual paperwork, that is, when I eventually submit it.

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★★★★★— Michael Sasse

Congratulations Munro’s on 50 years. I think my father must have been one of Donald’s and Barry’s earliest clients. Their names were ever present around the breakfast table when I was hopping on a school bus. I reflected with Christine a few months ago that the most important people in life were my family, my accountants, my GP and and Gough Whitlam. In no particluar order. (Why Gough Whitlam? He gave me a free university education and stopped the Vietnam ballot a year before it was my turn. And I have never voted labor). Thanks to Ian, Melissa, Christine, Noeline and Rama. Ever professional.

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★★★★★— Nick & Katy Formica

We wish to thank Mike & his team @ Munros for their professional help & service over the past 20 years . Having just recently sold our franchise business after 14 years, Mike has guided us through those times with success & helped us to achieve our family goals within our business. Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary. Looking forward to continue to work with Mike & the team in the near future.

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★★★★★— Nicole Sedgwick

Congratulations Munro’s on reaching this significant milestone!

Our family business has been with Munro’s since its establishment 50 years ago. They have supported our business through 3 generations and we are confident that our relationship will continue to grow for many years to come. They are professional, reliable and understanding and we think of them like an extension of our family. We would highly recommend them to anyone!

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★★★★★— Jocelyn McPhee

Congratulations to Munro’s for achieving 50 years in business.

Special thanks and appreciation to Mike, Barry and the many staff throughout the years who have supported myself and my family with their professional services.

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★★★★★— Stephen Vella

We first met Mike Beer 25 years ago, when he was assigned to our account by his employer at the time. When Mike moved to Munro’s, we decided to transfer our business to follow him as we were so impressed with both his professionalism and his character.

We have never regretted our decision to keep our business with Munro’s and Mike, who we think of as a good friend first and a total professional second for the excellent service he and his company have provided.

Congratulations Munro’s on your anniversary!

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★★★★★— Suzanne Wyatt

Thank you to Mike and Munro’s for your expertise, professionalism and patience.

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★★★★★— The Ramsay Family

Wonderful support and response from the team at Munros. We have been with them for many years covering both business and personal matters. It is a credit to both past and present staff.

Thank you

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★★★★★— Daniel Stefanelli

Pleasure working with you guys and one of the best decisions to move forward in our family business with Munros. Utmost professionalism right from answering the phone to all of your advice and support.

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★★★★★— Kevin Connor

When I first discovered Munro’s and spoke to Drew, it was clear that they would be the perfect solution to my accounting issues. Owing to the nascent nature of crypto, I struggled to find a firm knowledgable and confident enough to handle my vast transaction history, across many networks and numerous wallets.

Working closely with Rama, I have experienced nothing but prompt and clear communication at all times. I continue to be impressed with the accuracy, clarity and professional services I receive.

In my experience, I have found Munro’s services are always provided with courteous and bespoke correspondence.

Many thanks and congratulations to 50 years.

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★★★★★— Ward Adam

The family began with Don Munro at Wesfarmers. Simon and his professional staff at Munros have continued to give excellent service and advice over many years. Lil Ward and Carol look forward to our association with you in the future. Congratulations on 50 years.

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★★★★★— Jenny Bourke

We followed Mike Beer when he joined Munros and have been with them ever since. Mike has been a huge help over many years. He is always available to answer even the most basic/ extraordinarily naive questions, and always with a generous and helpful attitude.

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★★★★★— Julie Snooke

Mike assisted with our farm succession planning. Thanks to Mike’s in depth knowledge on this subject, this process has been smooth and amicable. We highly recommend Mike and his team for family business succession.

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★★★★★— Nathan Pintabona

Professional, insightful and always supporting. Christine and Munro’s has helped me through all avenue’s and queries regarding investment, tax return, property, super and general finance. Really appreciative of their work and highly recommend!

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★★★★★— Peter D

Munro’s are by far the best accounting firm I’ve ever dealt with it. My accountant Carl is very good at what he does and I would highly recommend him and the entire Munro’s team. They provide the most amazing customer service, absolute pleasure to deal with, incredible attention to detail and extremely experienced in all aspects of accounting for business, crypto, derivatives, property etc. I’m confident to say Munro’s have my business for life.

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★★★★★— Faye Sanderson

Munro’s have helped build our business from strength to strength for over 40 years! No problem or question has ever been too large or too small and all have been dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. Thanks to Simon, Carl and the team for your continual excellent service.

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★★★★★— Glenn Elliott

Drew and Simon offer an amazing service at Munro’s as professional accountants and I have been using them for over 10 years now. Their customer service is second to none and I always receive prompt and reliable advice. Well done guys, keep up the great work!!

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★★★★★— Effie White

Christine Prasetia is extremely efficient, always on hand with advice and is a pleasure to work with.

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★★★★★— Tim Guest

Had a longstanding relationship with Munro’s for over a decade. Mike has always gone over and above for me and has my highest recommendation. Thank you.

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★★★★★— Eve Broadley

Sorry, I can’t join you in your celebration on 1st September.

However, I wish to thank you for all your wonderful service for more years than I can remember, especially Simon, Carl and Annette.

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★★★★★— Moree Grazing Co, Tambellup WA

We have been clients of Munro’s (and Donald F Munro & Assoc. before that) for more than 50 years and have always found them to be right on point with their advice and work. Nothing is too much trouble to research and the responses always given in easy-to-understand language. We love that the K.I.S.S principle is used (keep-it-simple-stupid!) We can’t thank Simon and Carl enough for the great service that they provide. I have also, in community roles, worked with Barry Virgo and Ian Arblaster over the years on Co-operative business and their knowledge was second to none.

Thank you and congratulations Munro’s on 50 years + in business.

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★★★★★— Moira and Don

Munro’s have been our accountants, both for business and personal, for 50 years.  During that time we have been really happy with the work done for us.  The personel have always been professional, welcoming and efficient form the person at the front desk who greets you, to the people who handle your work.

Congratulations and best wishes for the future.

PS It does help that Simon supports the right footy team but he is not as good at tipping as he is at accounting!

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★★★★★— Max Smith

Congratulations on 50 years of accounting. We transitioned from Wesfarmers to Munros and have been extremely happy with the professional, efficient, courteous and friendly service provided by Barry, Simon, Ted, Christine and Noelene during that time

Looking forward to continuing the association for many years to come

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★★★★★— Robynne Richards

Munro’s are an honest, reliable, on the ball, and personable business. The family feel engendered has been highly regarded by our family for over 40 years.

Congratulations on a significant and well deserved creditable milestone, with best wishes for what we are sure will be a successful future.

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★★★★★— Leslie & Joan O'Halloran

MUNROS what a great team:

Munros have supported 3 generations of the O’Halloran family from Kojonup over the past 50 years. Starting with Donald Munro when he was Wesfarmers client Accountant.

We are very grateful for their ongoing support in all accounting matters. Simon, Christine and their team are always willing to help whenever we need it.

Congratulations on your 50-year celebration. All the best for the future.

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★★★★★— Betty-lou Haydon

We have been with Munros for the life of our farming business. Munros staff are always so polite and helpful. Christine and her team are so professional, knowledgeable and have a thorough understanding of our business and what we wish to achieve going forward. We see them as a vital part of our business. We are very grateful for this relationship!

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★★★★★— Margaret

Congratulations to Munros on reaching its 50 Year Milestone!  This excellent firm has efficiently handled our Family’s affairs for 45 years, and into its 3rd Generation.

We have been grateful for conscientious and good advice from Ted and now from Mike.  Roll on the next 50 Years!

Best wishes from the Hodgson Family.

5 Stars!

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★★★★★— Andy & Mary

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★★★★★— Shiny Sheep

5 Stars from Don. I can’t thank Drew and Brian enough for dealing with my very complex history across multiple years of cryptocurrency trading. This has been across many exchanges, wallets, and my Dash Masternode history also. Drew and Brian have been flawless when fielding my various questions across the months it has taken to work through my complex case load.
Based in Sydney, I got into cryptocurrency in 2013, and it lead me down a trajectory in life I could never have foreseen. Getting this tax aspect of it up to date will take a layer of stress off my back.

I highly recommend Munro’s, Perth.

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★★★★★— Robert Elliott

Brilliant accounting firm I have trusted for almost 30 years with all of my business and personal accounting. Their service is second to none.

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★★★★★— Robert Klein

Real pleasure dealing with Munro’s. Drew Pflaum in particular was very helpful in providing tailored advice promptly and professionally.

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★★★★★— Ray Norton


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★★★★★— ak jp

We have been looked after by accountant Mr Carl Hansen. We are very grateful for his help on our tax matters. He is very thorough, knowledgeable and easy to approach. Highly recommend!

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★★★★★— Mike

For nearly ten years, Munros has consistently provided me with excellent service. Drew has been a pioneer in handling crypto tax matters, even before it was a thing. I can’t imagine finding a more approachable and professional outfit. I anticipate a lasting partnership, despite a few questionable football team preferences.

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★★★★★— Jim Kozmo

I’m extremely pleased with the services of Munro’s Accountants. They are professional and easy to work with. My situation was not simple yet they completed the task and have provided me with peace of mind going forwards. I would not hesitate to recommend them. AAAAA+++++

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★★★★★— Dianne Hall

Drew was fantastic to talk to. He answered all my questions in an easy to understand way. He helped me gain a greater understanding of how Cryptocurrency is treated by the tax department and what my obligations around record keeping are. I would recommend contacting Drew if you are new to Cryptocurrencies before investing, to get a handle on how things work, what your obligations are and how to keep good records.

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★★★★★— Ivan Lai

Friendly staff and excellent service. During the past five years, their team have provided very useful advice on tax savings. Their prompt response and well explanation to my questions are well worth Five Stars. Thanks Josephine, Christine and the team. Highly recommended without hesitation.

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★★★★★— Tim

I have been a client of Munro’s for 2 years and am very happy with their service. They have saved me a lot of time, effort, and money.

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★★★★★— Jeffrey Chen

Had run into troubles with my personal tax return and immediately appointed Munro’s to act on this matter. Drew and Adam immediately handled my case and was sorted at God speed. Communication was great with all of them and it was easy to provide them with all the requested information.

Highly recommend them for all your accounting and taxation matter, including complicated cryptocurrency matters.

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★★★★★— MG

Drew and the team helped me with my tax returns, especially reporting on cryptocurrency trading done in previous years. I highly recommend seeking their services for all tax/accounting matters, especially cryptocurrency trading. Thanks guys!

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★★★★★— Suthee Saisuwan

Crypto trading is a new thing and I believe, just like many others I had made lots of mistakes not knowing that trading Crypto is a taxable event. Lucky, there is someone knowledgeable about this matter.

Great education and support in this challenging time I have received from Drew the man!

The level of communication is top, accurate and precise. They put their heart into the work to help out their client. Highly recommend if you are seeking a Crypto tax return service.

Thanks Drew the man and Michael.”

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★★★★★— Ben Soules

Excellent advice with very skilled accountants. Not too expensive, for such a specialized and sophisticated service. Committed to the customer, always very professional and helpful. Highly recommended!

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★★★★★— Chris Johnston

Drew Pflaum and Munro’s have been Fantastic with my crypto portfolio and their advise on my taxation requirements regarding this. I am also very impressed with their promptness, expertise and dedication in all my accounting matters. I would recommend their services to anyone who wants a professional and up to date accounting firm.

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★★★★★— RW

After “investing” in cryptocurrencies for the past few years I thought my tax return was going to be a nightmare. Cherie and the team at Munro’s have done a fantastic job at making my last two tax returns as easy as possible for me and I will be continuing to use their services in the future.

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★★★★★— Laura Hooton

Great Firm. Have been dealing with Christine for a few years and she is always there for advice and willing to help. Highly recommend.

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★★★★★— Lucas Overman

The team at Munro’s were incredibly understanding, helpful and professional when providing advice tailored to my needs.

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★★★★★— Jamie Little (JAMIETV)

Professional service, very quick & reliable especially when it involves Cryptocurrency. Went out of their way to assist by a deadline that I had & they were happy to accommodate.

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★★★★★— Jeff Hoffard

From QLD was searching for a accounting firm that could easily handle all my tax dealings including crypto transactions and Carl has been very helpful always just an email away to sort out any concerns I might have.

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★★★★★— Dawn Phillips

Munro’s have been dealing with our taxes for a couple of years now, and have always been right onto anything to do with crypto and any other aspects of the industries we work in. Always friendly, helpful and professional.

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★★★★★— Ginny Wu

Josephine and the Munros team have looked after our accounting affairs for more then 10 years. I am incredibly pleased with the quality of the service they provided. They are professional, trustworthy and patient all the time. Highly recommend Munros.

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★★★★★— Stan

Munros are a quality accounting firm. My accountant Rama is very thorough with his work and attention to detail, I would recommend him to anyone who is involved in cryptocurrencies. Keep up the good work guys 🙂

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★★★★★— Darth Gus

I have used Munros now for 3 years, and I find them excellent – can highly recommend them to anyone needing a fantastic Accountant!

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★★★★★— Luke Bpob

I’m a recent sign up who brought with me a backlog of work. Drew and team delivered on their promises and then some. Personalized service, responsive, thorough, up to date. Highly recommended.

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★★★★★— iORGANiC

I am very pleased to recommend Cherie and Munros. They are friendly, polite, energetic, honest and reliable. We feel in good hands with our taxation and business commitments. We have been delighted that Munros thoroughly understand our business structure and requirements. We are always treated with respect. We feel a sense of integrity infuses the company which is very important. We feel that Munro are up to date with the regulations and knowledge in their field. We have never been let down or kept waiting for an answer. Cherie and Munros have helped with our business forward planning and I would recommend them to anyone who need someone that listens and provides professional solutions without fuss. Thank you Cherie and Munros!

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★★★★★— Roger York

Thanks Drew and Munros for helping me with my taxes.

Highly recommended

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★★★★★— Nicole Smith

My husband and I were looking for some advice on a short time frame with regards to purchasing a piece of farmland. We had an offer in hand and a peculiar clause that we needed advice on. Adam Carter was prompt, detailed and courteous in all dealings with us. He helped us meet our deadline, understand the consequences of each available option and now establish our small farming enterprise. We cannot thank him and the team at Munro’s enough. Highly recommend their services.

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★★★★★— Paul Davis

Very professional and communicative, will use again next year. Thank you.

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★★★★★— T K

I highly recommend Drew and the team at Munros for their excellent accounting services, particularly with investment income as well as their crypto expertise. Thanks Drew.

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★★★★★— Klaye Morrison

I’ve used Munro’s for my past 3 tax returns. They are always very responsive to my enquiries and provide excellent advice when questioned. I now have a much better understanding of the tax obligations within my field of work and my investments thanks to them. It’s definitely worth paying for an accountant who knows what they’re doing! Cheers.

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★★★★★— Cynthia Johnston

This is such a great team! I was behind in my crypto accounting and I received clear instructions and assistance to bring all of my accounting up to date this year. I recommend Munro’s to everyone, especially people using crypto currency. This team are experts in this field!

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★★★★★— Greg Berlin

Munros have been doing my family tax returns for the past 3 years, and I’ve been nothing but delighted with the service they’ve offered. They took on a relatively complex set of returns, including sharing of CGT benefits between myself and my partner, and did exactly what I hoped they’d do, and more. Not only that, they always went above and beyond to explain what they have done and why, keeping us happy and at ease at all times during the tax return processes.

And to top it off, their knowledge of the crypto space is phenomenal, as are the tools they’ve developed to report and get the best possible returns with cryptos in mind.

Give them a try, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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★★★★★— Boston Whooley

High quality and professional advise. I would highly recommend Munro’s if you are looking for a quality team to work with.

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★★★★★— Boz

Huge thankyou to Drew, Rama and the whole Munro’s team. Great service and easy to deal with. Was an absolute pleasure. A+

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★★★★★— and away

Very happy with the service provided by Drew and Cherie.

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★★★★★— Tom Eldred

I was clueless when it came to processing my taxes for crypto, having a few years worth to file. Drew and the team were very thorough with their process and made it so simple on my end. Well worth the service.

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★★★★★— the big fella

I used Munro’s for the first time this past year for my tax. My situation was complicated, but this did not phase them. A massive thankyou to the team there including Drew and Christine. Their professionalism was excellent. I cannot flaw their efforts at all. It was a pleasure to deal with them. Thankyou very much Munro’s. See you next year.

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★★★★★— Tom

Drew @ Munro’s was very professional and they did a great job!

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★★★★★— Matt R

Drew and the team made my 2019 tax return easy. They also made an alteration to my 2018 tax return and I had an unexpected return. Highly recommended.

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★★★★★— E M

Rama and the team at Munro’s provided prompt and thorough crypto tax advice. They are very professional and I highly recommend their services.

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★★★★★— Tom Mackie

Great first experience at Munro’s.

Thanks Rama!

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★★★★★— Jeremy Glasgow

Very knowledgeable experts on complicated crypto tax matters. I would highly recommend every trader/investor to bite the bullet and seek professional advice from Munro’s.

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★★★★★— Ryan Hannah

Great first experience at Monro’s! Took on the service expecting a sizable tax bill and ended up with a rebait, also learned about tax laws. Will defiantly be back next year.

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★★★★★— Bushy 996

I have to give a shout out to Munro’s. They were very professional and quick to respond to my tax and accounting questions. Awesome job guys, Thanks 👍

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★★★★★— Jesse Allan

Just met these guys on an initially consultation call. Can’t speak highly enough about them in the short time I’ve used their services. Their advice on the call and their follow up afterwards is the best I’ve seen. Highly recommend and looking forward to the continuing relationship. Thanks a lot Drew and Cherie.

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★★★★★— Adrian van Bart

I came over to Australia with a highly complicated cryptocurrency investing and trading portfolio. I never realised that I had to declare this in my tax returns as I had never cashed out into my bank account. I soon discovered that every transaction is taxable irrespective of whether or not you cash out. I contacted Munro’s in an outright panic and was put through to Cherie and explained everything to her. She immediately put me at ease and took control of my situation. From the start it was evident that I was in the care of a real professional tax consultant. I handed her a nightmare on a plate (3 years of highly complicated transactions) and she seamlessly worked through it. Cherie has incredible knowledge and experience and through this, Munro’s saved us thousands of dollars. I will remain at Munro’s until the very end. Thank you Cherie, you are the most knowledgeable and professional tax consultant that I have ever dealt with.

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★★★★★— Allison Beck

Super grateful to Drew and the team at Munro’s for their quick response and helpfulness! I reached out via their website to see about getting a referral for a comparable crypto tax advisor in the United States, as Munro’s seemed to be the best firm I came across in my research. Drew got back to me within hours and was kind enough to reach out to his network for a reputable contact. He directed me to a great firm and was quick, kind, and communicative throughout. Wish we were based in Australia so we could work with Drew and his team for all our tax advisory needs! Highly recommend.

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★★★★★— Maneesha Kulasekera

I highly recommend Munro’s for their brilliance and hard work. Saul, Sanjay and the Munros team are highly capable and passionate in their dealings with their clients and have been a strong pillar in navigating through my Taxes and Accounting over the past few years. They are exceptionally knowledgeable in their field of expertise and up to date with the latest policies/requirements and very easy to work with as they understand the client’s needs. I want to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to especially Saul and Sanjay for their professionalism, great advise, friendly attitude and major efforts in assisting me with my Taxes/ accounting. I couldn’t have asked for a better team than Munro’s.

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★★★★★— Reuben Crocker

The team is very responsive to emails and their communication is good. I was dealing with Brian and Saul.

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★★★★★— Gary Smallacombe

I can highly recommend Tony and Michael at Munros – they have done my family affairs for several years now and couldn’t be more happier with the service I receive. The quality and professionalism of the work is second to none.

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★★★★★— Esteban Aguilar

Thanks Mike and the team for making it easy to process my personal tax and for answering all my questions and concerns around CGT.

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★★★★★— Byron McDonald

I have been a Munro’s client for the past few years and they have professionally and patiently assisted me with complicated crypto tax returns. Everyone on their team is extremely friendly and I highly recommend Munros to anyone.

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★★★★★— Markus Mark

Munro’s are an outstanding outfit mastering in complicated tax situations and are highly focussed on providing a client centred approach. I presented Saul with a complicated case of overdue tax’s and substantial crypto and share trading activity. To say that he handled this situation with aplomb is an understatement. He resolved my situation promptly and what seemed to be with ease. Sure it is great to have your taxes done by consummate professionals but for me this is not their best feature. It is the customer service that I received that was outstanding and exceeded my expectations. He was extremely patient and dealt with my constant questioning with a great attitude. Always polite and willing to offer his professional advice I sincerely felt like a had an ally in my corner. Saul was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to next years Tax Time.


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★★★★★— Alex England

I was recommended to use Munro’s as I had a number of well overdue tax issues to have resolved. All was promptly taken care of and with a far better outcome than I had anticipated…great work Josephine! Highly recommended!

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★★★★★— Noeline Kellow

I started working at Munro’s in 1979, spent my life there (besides stopping to have a family) & retired from Munro”s in December 2022. Great place to work & made lifetime friends.

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★★★★★— Eric Mastro

Munro’s were able to take complicated tax matters like cryptocurrency trading income for a new company and turn it in to a simple solution for me. Drew has always been amazingly patient and helpful, answering emails quickly and taking the time to respond thoroughly so the matter could be clearly understood. Highly recommended for any tax accounting needs!!

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★★★★★— Justis Blackwell

Drew and the team at Munros have made my cryptocurrency accounting a breeze primarily for tax purposes and to ensure all previous years were reconciled correctly given my previous tax agents literally had no idea despite their knowledge of my crypto holdings for the past 2 tax years. Well done Drew, well done Munros for specialising in this space. Great job!!

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