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Claims of being a ‘Top 2% ranked Australian Accounting Firm‘ (and similar claims) are based on two separate assessments conducted by Munro’s on 9-10 August 2023 and 1 December 2023. The ranking is derived from a comparison of the total of each accounting firm’s overall star rating multiplied by each firm’s quantity of reviews as shown on Google Maps. A total of 4,235 Australian accounting firms listed on Google Maps were identified for the earlier assessment, and a total of 4,301 for the latter assessment, which may not represent a complete list of Australian accounting firms. Munro’s claims are based on Munro’s best estimation and represent a snapshot collected at the time of each assessment. If the assessment was to be conducted today, then it is likely that Munro’s ranking would have changed – Munro’s may or may not be in the Top 2% today. Also, the methodology does not account for other potentially relevant factors such as quality of service, expertise, or client satisfaction beyond Google Maps reviews.