Drew Pflaum

Position: Director
Qualification: B. Com, CPA

I am a qualified accountant with a passion to achieve tax and business improvement savings for entrepreneurs, investors and business owners.

Helping you build, grow and keep your hard earned wealth, including away from the Government’s coffers, is the win I’m looking for.

What would be incredible is achieving that, as well as helping you and your team grow into more capable leaders and employees.

To achieve these goals, I apply the wealth of knowledge I have acquired throughout my highly decorated academic studies and practical business experiences. I am a winner of numerous awards, and I have the technical know-how to develop and implement both strategic and tactical advice for the betterment of clients.

I’m proudly a Director at Munro’s, joining the team in July 2011. My areas of expertise include business improvement advisory, structuring advice, succession and estate planning, income tax minimisation strategies, cryptocurrency taxation, small business concessions, WA state duties, capital gains tax, GST, Division 7A, trust issues and tax consolidation.

My interests outside of the office include being the best father and husband I can be, as well as an active lifestyle of playing tennis and badminton, lifting weights and enjoying nature. One of my proudest achievements was completing a full distance marathon on the Gold Coast (whilst suffering from a flu I might add!). I am also an avid learner of information, particularly in relation to business strategy, leadership, philosophy and voluntaryism.

I’d happily enjoy a chat with you over coffee, discussing tactical improvement options for your business, and we can also discuss the footy too (go EAGLES!).

If you think you could benefit from my help, then please feel more than welcome to drop me a line.

Please leave a voicemail or send me a text as I often avoid answering the phone from an unfamiliar number due to the excessive spam calls these days.

★★★★★ — Kevin Yuen

Recently when I approached Saul and Drew at Munro’s regarding a tricky cryptocurrency investment situation they were very helpful in assisting. They are very knowledgeable about the area and their insights and recommendations were very much appreciated.

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★★★★★ — Ivan

They know what they are doing. No matter how complex your accounting is, Munro’s is the way to go. They also have international experience. Drew and Mike’s expertise and responsiveness won’t disappoint you.

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★★★★★ — Mark Howlett

Got terrific service and advice from Drew. Simple, informative and a quick response time too. Would recommend.

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★★★★★ — D C

Munro’s is delivering excellent results for me. My initial engagement was a complex situation comprising of many years of outstanding returns in both the traditional and cryptocurrency space. Drew, Sanjay and Saul were able to rise to the challenge and managed the whole process including preparation, lodgement and dealing directly with the ATO. They have always been friendly, responsive, diligent and provide actionable advice based on observations they have made from my data and by also understanding my personal goals and objectives.

I am confident I have the right team by my side with Munro’s and I highly recommend Munro’s to anyone looking for top quality service and advice.

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★★★★★ — Matt Mckinley

Drew, Simon and the team at Munro’s have been our family and business accountants for many years now. They provide excellent service and advice. We would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

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★★★★★ — Shelly Forrester

At HiscoNFE we use Munro’s for all of our tax and accounting advice and we are always impressed with the quality of their service. The team at Munro’s is extremely knowledgeable, professional, helpful and affordable and Drew in particular is a guru when it comes to anything that involves tax. On the rare occasion where Simon has suggested we get a second opinion for a complex tax matter, the Munro’s advice has always been proven to be spot on! We highly recommend the team at Munro’s and we are very grateful for their support over the last 10 years. Sincere thanks from the owners at HiscoNFE!

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★★★★★ — Traviss Orr

Thanks Drew and Michael, great job 👍

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★★★★★ — Tom Robson

Drew and the team have been excellent from the day we began our journey with Munro’s. They’ve always been prompt with communication and provide advice that is clear and easy to understand. We’ve been very happy with their service over the last 3 years and look forward to working with them into the future. Thanks Drew, Nick, Simon and Carl!

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★★★★★ — Cris Yanez

Extremely professional, attention to detail and a knowledgeable team. Working with Drew and the team at Munro’s was a pleasure.

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★★★★★ — Asif Raza

Drew was extremely helpful and professional. Highly recommend!!

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★★★★★ — Mike Eames

Drew and the team at Munros have managed our tax for the past 4-5 years. Drew has the expertise to resolve all our queries and always provides excellent service. We would highly recommend Drew and team.

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★★★★★ — JD Duv

I highly recommend Drew Pflaum at Munro’s for any matter relating to property, crypto, business tax, etc. I’ve recently met with Drew and he was very diligent and knowledgeable in explaining the best possible options/solutions I have available for my business. Drew is definitely the go-to person for any complex tax matters.

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★★★★★ — Kevin Connor

When I first discovered Munro’s and spoke to Drew, it was clear that they would be the perfect solution to my accounting issues. Owing to the nascent nature of crypto, I struggled to find a firm knowledgable and confident enough to handle my vast transaction history, across many networks and numerous wallets.

Working closely with Rama, I have experienced nothing but prompt and clear communication at all times. I continue to be impressed with the accuracy, clarity and professional services I receive.

In my experience, I have found Munro’s services are always provided with courteous and bespoke correspondence.

Many thanks and congratulations to 50 years.

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★★★★★ — Glenn Elliott

Drew and Simon offer an amazing service at Munro’s as professional accountants and I have been using them for over 10 years now. Their customer service is second to none and I always receive prompt and reliable advice. Well done guys, keep up the great work!!

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★★★★★ — Shiny Sheep

5 Stars from Don. I can’t thank Drew and Brian enough for dealing with my very complex history across multiple years of cryptocurrency trading. This has been across many exchanges, wallets, and my Dash Masternode history also. Drew and Brian have been flawless when fielding my various questions across the months it has taken to work through my complex case load.
Based in Sydney, I got into cryptocurrency in 2013, and it lead me down a trajectory in life I could never have foreseen. Getting this tax aspect of it up to date will take a layer of stress off my back.

I highly recommend Munro’s, Perth.

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★★★★★ — Robert Klein

Real pleasure dealing with Munro’s. Drew Pflaum in particular was very helpful in providing tailored advice promptly and professionally.

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★★★★★ — Mike

For nearly ten years, Munros has consistently provided me with excellent service. Drew has been a pioneer in handling crypto tax matters, even before it was a thing. I can’t imagine finding a more approachable and professional outfit. I anticipate a lasting partnership, despite a few questionable football team preferences.

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★★★★★ — Dianne Hall

Drew was fantastic to talk to. He answered all my questions in an easy to understand way. He helped me gain a greater understanding of how Cryptocurrency is treated by the tax department and what my obligations around record keeping are. I would recommend contacting Drew if you are new to Cryptocurrencies before investing, to get a handle on how things work, what your obligations are and how to keep good records.

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★★★★★ — Jeffrey Chen

Had run into troubles with my personal tax return and immediately appointed Munro’s to act on this matter. Drew and Adam immediately handled my case and was sorted at God speed. Communication was great with all of them and it was easy to provide them with all the requested information.

Highly recommend them for all your accounting and taxation matter, including complicated cryptocurrency matters.

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★★★★★ — MG

Drew and the team helped me with my tax returns, especially reporting on cryptocurrency trading done in previous years. I highly recommend seeking their services for all tax/accounting matters, especially cryptocurrency trading. Thanks guys!

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★★★★★ — Suthee Saisuwan

Crypto trading is a new thing and I believe, just like many others I had made lots of mistakes not knowing that trading Crypto is a taxable event. Lucky, there is someone knowledgeable about this matter.

Great education and support in this challenging time I have received from Drew the man!

The level of communication is top, accurate and precise. They put their heart into the work to help out their client. Highly recommend if you are seeking a Crypto tax return service.

Thanks Drew the man and Michael.”

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★★★★★ — Chris Johnston

Drew Pflaum and Munro’s have been Fantastic with my crypto portfolio and their advise on my taxation requirements regarding this. I am also very impressed with their promptness, expertise and dedication in all my accounting matters. I would recommend their services to anyone who wants a professional and up to date accounting firm.

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★★★★★ — Luke Bpob

I’m a recent sign up who brought with me a backlog of work. Drew and team delivered on their promises and then some. Personalized service, responsive, thorough, up to date. Highly recommended.

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★★★★★ — Roger York

Thanks Drew and Munros for helping me with my taxes.

Highly recommended

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★★★★★ — T K

I highly recommend Drew and the team at Munros for their excellent accounting services, particularly with investment income as well as their crypto expertise. Thanks Drew.

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★★★★★ — Boz

Huge thankyou to Drew, Rama and the whole Munro’s team. Great service and easy to deal with. Was an absolute pleasure. A+

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★★★★★ — and away

Very happy with the service provided by Drew and Cherie.

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★★★★★ — Tom Eldred

I was clueless when it came to processing my taxes for crypto, having a few years worth to file. Drew and the team were very thorough with their process and made it so simple on my end. Well worth the service.

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★★★★★ — the big fella

I used Munro’s for the first time this past year for my tax. My situation was complicated, but this did not phase them. A massive thankyou to the team there including Drew and Christine. Their professionalism was excellent. I cannot flaw their efforts at all. It was a pleasure to deal with them. Thankyou very much Munro’s. See you next year.

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★★★★★ — Tom

Drew @ Munro’s was very professional and they did a great job!

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★★★★★ — Matt R

Drew and the team made my 2019 tax return easy. They also made an alteration to my 2018 tax return and I had an unexpected return. Highly recommended.

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★★★★★ — Jesse Allan

Just met these guys on an initially consultation call. Can’t speak highly enough about them in the short time I’ve used their services. Their advice on the call and their follow up afterwards is the best I’ve seen. Highly recommend and looking forward to the continuing relationship. Thanks a lot Drew and Cherie.

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★★★★★ — Allison Beck

Super grateful to Drew and the team at Munro’s for their quick response and helpfulness! I reached out via their website to see about getting a referral for a comparable crypto tax advisor in the United States, as Munro’s seemed to be the best firm I came across in my research. Drew got back to me within hours and was kind enough to reach out to his network for a reputable contact. He directed me to a great firm and was quick, kind, and communicative throughout. Wish we were based in Australia so we could work with Drew and his team for all our tax advisory needs! Highly recommend.

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★★★★★ — Eric Mastro

Munro’s were able to take complicated tax matters like cryptocurrency trading income for a new company and turn it in to a simple solution for me. Drew has always been amazingly patient and helpful, answering emails quickly and taking the time to respond thoroughly so the matter could be clearly understood. Highly recommended for any tax accounting needs!!

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★★★★★ — Justis Blackwell

Drew and the team at Munros have made my cryptocurrency accounting a breeze primarily for tax purposes and to ensure all previous years were reconciled correctly given my previous tax agents literally had no idea despite their knowledge of my crypto holdings for the past 2 tax years. Well done Drew, well done Munros for specialising in this space. Great job!!

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