Property Tax Return

We can help prepare and lodge Australian tax returns for:

  • Real estate business; and
  • Rental property owners,

… no matter where you are in Australia, or overseas.

For property in a SMSF, refer here instead.

Financial Statements

If you are operating a real estate business, then together with the tax return we will provide the:

  • Financial Statements; and
  • Documentation,

… so your business meets, and optimises, its legal and regulatory obligations.

Regardless of whether you are in business or an investor, everything is prepared on the basis of satisfying your unique circumstances and

minimising tax as much as legally possible.


Price depends on your specific situation and is impacted by factors such as complexity of your business, investment and personal affairs, completeness of data, compilation of data, number of different accounts, wallets and exchanges, types of transactions, number of investments traded, and timeliness of advice and assistance sort.

Our pricing generally begins at:

  • $770 incl. GST per annum for each residential rental.
  • $2,000+GST per annum for each commercial/industrial/large format retail rental.
  • $3,000+GST per annum for modest affairs;
  • $6,000+GST per annum for intermediate affairs*; and
  • $12,000+GST per annum for complex affairs*.

* Intermediate and complex affairs typically involve exotic subdivisions or real estate flipping.

Ultimately, the price is determined on a case-by-case basis and we can provide a specific quote in due course (after receiving all source information), giving you a clear understanding of the price before proceeding with tax return preparation services.

Information We Need

The following information is what we need to prepare a quote and your tax return:

  1. Copy of most recently lodged tax return.
  2. Rental property statements and associated expenses.
  3. If maintained, access to your bookkeeping software (or spreadsheets) containing all transactions.
    • Please ensure your bank, loan and credit card accounts are all reconciled.
    • Please ensure your receivables and payables are all reconciled.
  4. Bank statements.
  5. Loan and credit card statements.
  6. Agreements for all new loans taken out during the year.
  7. Deductible and non-deductible percentage for loans, if applicable.
    • If you have drawdown money on a loan and used it for personal expenditure, we need to know.
  8. Real estate acquisitions and disposals:
    • Contract / Offer & Acceptance.
    • Final Settlement Statement.
  9. Development costs.
  10. Accounting, legal and professional fees.
  11. Invoices for all expenditure that might be tax deductible.
  12. Where business/ investments (shares, SMSF, crypto) tax is involved, refer here:
  13. Anything else which we need and should know about your tax affairs.

You may provide this information by email, or alternatively you can upload to our secure client account facility. If you would like to use the client account facility, then please let us know and we will arrange for a team member to setup your account.

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