Accounting and Taxation

In times of change, some things remain constant and real expertise in accounting and taxation matters remains an invaluable service to our clients. Munro’s is thoroughly up to date with the technology surrounding accountancy and taxation and particularly with its interface with the tax office and other authorities. We capitalize on the efficiencies available, allowing us more time to advise you on the right course of action. Improved connectivity makes excellent advice more important than ever before.

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting

    In today’s business environment, accurate and up to date financial information is critical.  Using the latest technology available, we are able to give as much or as little direct bookkeeping and accounting assistance as you require.  We can take care of all your bookkeeping and accounting needs, from books of prime entry right through to periodic management accounts and annual reports, but the way that we do this and the level of interaction we have with you is entirely driven by your needs and circumstances.

  • Taxation

    We have been providing high quality taxation compliance advice to our clients for over 40 years, and our consulting service finds innovative and acceptable solutions to difficult taxation issues.  We advise on all aspects of taxation including Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, GST, PAYG, and Payroll Tax as well as on tax efficient structures, including the use of trusts.

    We manage all interactions with the Australian Taxation Office to ensure that your returns are right and that your tax position is optimized.  We also handle ATO audits, high wealth reviews and other disputes on your behalf.

  • Cryptocurrencies

    We know many Australians have been active in the cryptocurrency space for years and have found it very difficult to understand their tax obligations because this is all quite new and very few professionals understand what is going on. We’re very proud to be pioneers in assisting people from all across Australia with their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-related tax affairs and have helped achieve significant tax savings for clients, as well as give them the peace of mind that they are acting within the law.

    Specialists at Munro’s continue to keep abreast of this evolving theatre of economic activity.  We can assist you with your accounting and taxation return to ensure that any complexities are correctly dealt with.

  • Chief Financial Officer

    When a business starts out, the first few years are its most vulnerable.  You are probably very busy on the operational side, which is where your interest lies.  But financial decisions made in the first few years are usually critical not just to the success of the business but also to its survival.  You need someone who really understands accounting, tax and finance but when you are starting out, it can be too expensive to employ a full time person. 

    Munro’s solution to this conundrum is to use rapidly advancing technology to connect with your business 24/7 and to act as a virtual Chief Financial Officer at a fraction of the cost of employing one full time.

  • Company Secretarial Services

    We undertake the full range of company secretarial services to ensure that our clients comply with all legislated administrative duties, leaving them free to focus on generating profits.

    Munro’s services include advice on all aspects of company regulation, formation and dissolution of companies, filing of annual returns, preparation of all minutes and resolutions, maintenance of all statutory records, share transfers and use of Munro's as registered office.

  • Trusts

    Trusts perform a key role in managing control of valuable assets and optimizing tax positions of family businesses and investments.  Munro's has considerable experience in their application and administration, including formation, taxation, annual accounts, asset management, income distribution and review and update of trust deeds.

  • Farm Accounting and Services

    Farmers require exacting knowledge and experience to run their businesses successfully, and so do their accountants.

    Munro's has been helping its farming clients for many years and has built up a wealth of experience in that area. Munro's services to family farming businesses include assistance with tax and accountancy, cash flow, borrowing, seasonal planning, reporting and measurement, risk mitigation, succession planning, dispute resolution, investing, superannuation, insurance, wills and estates and retirement planning.  We are also able to guide you on farm acquisitions and disposals.

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