Improve Staff Performance

Problem 1. Staff Performance Issues

People often have a lot of discretion in the way they work and the effort they exert. If their role in achieving your strategy isn’t crystal clear, they aren’t adequately motivated (by more than monetary incentives) and they aren’t held accountable, then business performance can suffer.

Get structuring right with higher employee standards.

Improved staff performance due to clear goals, roles and accountabilities.

Problem 2. Staff Turnover

Turnover is a particularly expensive problem as many jobs require organisation-specific skills that can take years to cultivate. Scientific evidence shows that both high trust and high purpose increase productivity, reduce job turnover, improve job satisfaction, and make people happier and healthier.

Develop a high trust, high purpose culture.

Reduced recruitment hassles and costs (average total recruitment costs for professional positions can be nearly one year annual salary).

Problem 3. Ineffective Business Improvement Training

From time to time employees attend training workshops and seminars to improve business performance. However, besides a training booklet and some scribbled notes, nothing much ever changes – wasting a lot of time and energy.

Design training to succeed.

Training with a positive return on investment and over time a positive force driving your sustainable competitive advantage.

Problem 4. Managers Who Don’t Know How to Lead Effectively

It’s not uncommon for people to be promoted into management positions without any management training. Some cope, but many take a while to learn things the hard way, whilst some others who were once star performers may never be their best again. Even when there is some management training, it may be sporadic and ineffective.

Coaching and just-in-time learning.

Better leaders.

Can every one of your employees succinctly define their role in achieving your strategy and do they execute that with outstanding precision?

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