One of the first uses of the word pivot came from the software development industry sector. Agile thinking proposes that a product or service can be developed to 80% of completeness and then issued to customers so that any required changes identified through the practical application of that product or service can be implemented using a pivot in direction. This online course provides some key pivot-adapt tools and processes to enable you to achieve this outcome. Each tool will help you think strategically about the current situation you are in and will provide valuable insights in your future direction and specific strategies and actions. The outcome of the course is a one-page pivot-adapt plan. You may find that you need to update this plan continuously as you gain more awareness and data that suggests the need for still another pivot-adapt move.


  1. Pivot-Adapt: Where are you now?
  2. Competitor Analysis for Pivot-Adapt
  3. Product Portfolio Analysis
  4. Product Surround
  5. Growth Strategy for Pivot-Adapt
  6. SWOT Analysis for Pivot-Adapt
  7. Blank Canvas Thinking
  8. Change Success for Pivot-Adapt
  9. Your Pivot-Adapt One Page Plan
  10. Pivot-Adapt Exam

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