Five Phases of a High Performing Leader

Where are you in the five phases of business success?

Where do you want to be?

Use this model as a framework for determining the learning, coaching and mentoring you need to receive.

The further along the phases of leadership high performance, the more value you bring to your business and team members.

0. Foundational Traits

  • RELIABILITY - Safe pair of hands. Always punctual. Good life balance
  • LIKEABILITY - Very personable. Gets along well with people at all levels
  • TENACITY - Never gives up. Always striving for higher performance. Resilient
  • AUTHENTICITY - What you see is what you get. Self-aware. High emotional intelligence
  • CORE VALUES - Embraces value to others. Core values drive decision making
  • ENERGY- Provides energy to those around them. Strong self-belief
  • COMMUNITY - Strong connector with peers, team members and target customers
  • CHANGE - Strong level of change readiness. Embraces change. Growth mindset

1. "Individual" - Foundational Skills

Individual seeking to build better leadership & problem-solving behaviours.

Business Acumen

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