What to Adopt & Abandon – Business Leader Success Insights 2024

In the chaos of business in 2024, it's easy for leaders to get lost in the noise, constantly bombarded by trends, statistics, distractions, and the latest buzz.

The last decade has given leaders a surplus of information, but amidst this deluge, the crucial skills of:

  • maintaining focus;
  • having a clear vision;
  • strategy; and
  • successful implementation of change,

... often takes a backseat.

Success in 2024 isn't just about riding the latest wave; it's also about recognising constants amid the chaos and getting things done.

Adopt and Abandon

Leaders are often great at adopting new approaches, gaining knowledge and absorbing insights, but, rarely do they stop to abandon outdated thinking holding them back from achieving performance goals.

It could be argued that many leaders have spent too much time procrastinating recently, gold plating their thinking versus putting more emphasis on implementation where they learn and adapt as they go.

This is a guide for leaders on:

  1. What to adopt; and
  2. What to abandon,

... in 2024 to improve their performance.

What to Adopt

What top three ideas will you adopt as a strategy to improve your performance as a leader from the following list?

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