Evidence-based Policy

When we consider what you need, we work on the principles of:

  • Just-in-time learning;
  • Making things understandable with clear and practical solutions; and
  • Utilising proven knowledge. In other words, following evidence-based best practices.

The Munro’s Business Academy policy for evidence-based best practices is that:

  • We prefer rigorous scientific evidence;
  • We utilise our experiences, and experiences of specialists;
  • We support and encourage critique; and
  • We reserve the right to adapt our position, and will adapt our position, if new evidence provides better outcomes (as science reveals more over time).

As a result, when you and your leadership team join Munro’s Business Academy, please be prepared to have some deeply held and cherished beliefs about leadership, business growth and organisational change challenged…

because we’re focusing on what truly works.