The Verdict of What Really Works

This conclusion briefly outlines our verdict and how the research in What Really Works influences the solutions we offer as part of our mission to improve Australian business. 

From the perspective of potential impact, What Really Works suggests its possible to achieve extraordinary outcomes with a greater than 90% success rate, which is a high potential impact. 

From the perspective of complexity, the six business areas are relatively simple to understand and follow, which suggests low complexity and potentially a better chance for businesses to implement. 

From the perspective of relevance to small-medium businesses, it is not possible to say that focusing on these six business areas will almost certainly yield similar extraordinary results because the apparent limitation of the research being based on large companies. 

Our verdict is that the insights gained from What Really Works should not be ignored. Whilst we accept the weaknesses, the six key business areas are, in our view based on other reputable research and real-world experiences, solid areas that leaders of businesses should focus on improving. 

We propose business owners, leaders and managers let this research guide where you should focus continuous learning and, most importantly, guide practical steps to improve your business. 

You’ll notice that many of the practical tips, services, solutions and programmes offered by Munro’s are associated in some degree with at least one of the six business areas. Helping Australians improve in all six is one of our goals and if you’re looking for a place to start, then consider an Initial Improvement Sprint. 

Final verdict on What Really Works: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 4 / 5

Thank you to the authors of What Really Works – Nitin Nohria, William Joyce and Bruce Roberson – for first conducting the research project and secondly publishing the results. 


Disclaimer: The authors and publishers of What Really Works have not in any way explicitly or implicitly endorsed or approved this review. The opinions expressed in this review are intended for general information purposes and no reader should act on them without thoroughly considering their own circumstances. Munro’s recommends that readers of this review who contemplate taking any action based on it seriously consider at least first reading the book What Really Works, and consult with their professional business advisor. For further disclaimer, please refer to Munro’s general disclaimer here.