One of the six key areas which research identified as contributing to businesses having a better than 90% chance of being a "Winner" is Structure.

This articles succinctly explores the key research findings and provides practical tips to help you take appropriate action.

The Problem

As your business has grown, and time has had its effect, your organisational structure has taken a shape based on past necessities and people.

This may have led to a suboptimal structure where people are doing work that would be better assigned to someone else, and other work which should be getting done to move the business closer to its strategic goals is not happening or is happening far too slowly.

Consequently, value delivered to customers is below the level it needs to be, people aren’t thriving as they should be, and the financial goals of greater profits and business valuation are being hampered.

The Research

At its core, the research found that "Winner" businesses:

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