Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) (July 2024 Tax Update)

Relevant For:

Business owners and managers in building and construction, cleaning, road freight and courier services, IT services, and security and investigation services.

Key Points:

  • TPAR due by 28 August 2024.
  • Required for businesses in specific industries: building & construction, cleaning, road freight & couriers, IT services, security & investigations.
  • Includes payments to contractors: subcontractors, consultants, independent contractors.
  • Contractors can be sole traders, companies, partnerships, or trusts.
  • Accurate reporting prevents penalties.

Full Article:

If your business operates within:

  • building and construction;
  • cleaning;
  • road freight and courier services;
  • IT services; or
  • security and investigation services,

… it's crucial to

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