Successful Succession Planning

Step 1A: Protect the Business & Incoming Owners

✔ Setup for Success
✔ Existing Wealth Protected

The incoming owners need to be coming into a situation where they can survive, and then thrive. They also need to be protected in case something goes wrong.

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Step 1B: Protect the Retiring Owners

✔ Security During Retirement
✔ Confidence in Long-term Business Success

The retiring owners will want to pass the business over with confidence in its long-term continuation, whilst also ensuring they have a financially healthy future that is setup in a tax effective manner.

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Step 2: Save Tax & Duties

✔ Bare Minimum Income Tax & GST
✔ Bare Minimum Transfer Duty

Transferring assets and businesses during succession triggers taxable events. Often there are subtle nuances which require forward planning and implementation well in advance to take advantage of whatever tax or duty concessions there may be to legally minimise the tax burden.

For Large Family Groups

✔ Family Constitution
✔ Professional Support

A critical concern when planning to pass your business/wealth down to sons and/or daughters is that they might not be able to preserve and grow it, or family disputes might erode it.

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