Start a SMSF

We can help you start a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) if you plan to improve your retirement savings with investments into:

  • Real estate;
  • Domestic and international shares;
  • Forex, options and derivatives;
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency;
  • Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium;
  • Commodities;
  • Artwork; and
  • Collectables such as antiques, wines, whisky and stamps,

… no matter where you are in Australia.

Please note, our involvement is strictly limited to accounting solutions. We do not provide financial advice.

The Australian corporate regulator, ASIC, has developed case studies which may assist you in determining the suitability of an SMSF.

Seek financial advice from a licensed advisor, if necessary. If you would like a referral to a licensed financial advisor, please let us know.

If you already have a SMSF, refer here for tax return services.

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What’s Involved

The process of setting up a SMSF involves:

  1. Collecting the necessary information from you.
  2. We send you an engagement agreement.
  3. You accept the engagement agreement and make payment.
  4. If you don’t have a Director Identification Number (DIN), you apply for one and inform us of it.
  5. We liaise with qualified lawyers for preparation of the necessary documentation.
  6. We send you the documentation for signing.
  7. The legal entities are established.
  8. We arrange an Electronic Service Address (ESA) for your SMSF.
  9. You open a bank account for your SMSF.
  10. You submit a rollover application to your existing superannuation fund.
  11. You devise an investment strategy, with or without a financial advisor.
  12. You open the necessary investment trading accounts for your SMSF.
  13. You commence investing for your SMSF.
  14. In due course, the annual financial statements, audit and tax return are prepared and lodged by us on your behalf. This is a separate engagement and you can read about the process including pricing here.


Our SMSF establishment pricing is:

  • $3,300 incl. GST.

This includes legal and regulatory (ASIC) fees.

Information We Need

The following information is what we need to prepare the engagement agreement and start your SMSF:

  1. Please explain why you want to setup a SMSF.
  2. Name for SMSF.
  3. Name for Company Trustee.
  4. For each member of the SMSF:
    • Full legal name.
    • Preferred name.
    • Confirmation that you are not disqualified from having a SMSF and being a Company Director.
    • Current superannuation balance.
    • Do you want to transfer this to your SMSF?
    • Will you make any additional contributions when starting the SMSF?
    • Date of birth.
    • Place of birth (town, state & country).
    • Tax File Number (TFN).
    • Director Identification Number (DIN).
    • Home address.
    • Postal address.
    • Email.
    • Phone number.

You may provide this information by email, or alternatively you can upload to our secure client account facility. If you would like to use the client account facility, then please let us know and we will arrange for a team member to setup your account.

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