Selling a Business

Problem 1: Get Ready to Sell

To increase the chance of selling your business within the desired timeframe and at the price you want, you need to get it ready for sale. Generally, the sooner you start getting ready, the better.

Business sales readiness.

An attractive business for prospective buyers.

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Problem 2: Business Valuation

There isn’t just one way to value a business. Ultimately, what you want as the seller is a business valuation which is realistically achievable and prepared in such a way that will effectively help the buyer agree to paying it.

Realistic business valuation.

Increased chance of selling the business at a fair price.

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Problem 3: Save Tax with the Small Business CGT Concessions

There may be very valuable tax concessions available if you satisfy certain criteria. This includes the possibility of an extra 50% CGT discount plus a part or full tax exemption. Forward planning is advised given things may need adjusting the year, or several years, before selling.

Forward tax planning.

Bare minimum tax.

Problem 4: What Next

As you approach selling your business and possibly coming into a large cash lump sum, you’ll need to consider how to set this up in a tax effective and financially prudent manner.

Retirement tax planning.

Tax effective retirement.

Are you ready to sell your business?

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