Leadership Performance


This comprehensive leadership performance course is designed to equip you with the essential skills, traits, and mindset needed to excel in today’s challenging markets.


  1. Leadership Performance Course overview and goals
  2. Leadership performance audit – where are you now?
  3. Leadership vision mapping
  4. What is your leadership style?
  5. Mindset of a great leader
  6. Boosting your business acumen – being well read
  7. Locus of control
  8. The importance of Emotional intelligence
  9. Culture / Values / Authenticity
  10. Building Trust as a leader
  11. Being strategic
  12. Setting goals / targets – OKR’s and KPI’s
  13. Driving change effectively
  14. Managing the team effectively
  15. Being a great coach
  16. Making tough decisions
  17. Using intuition as a leader
  18. Delivering results
  19. Leadership Performance - Case Study

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Leadership Performance Course

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