Navigating the 5 Stages of Growth to Maximise Business Value

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Business owners and leaders seeking strategic insights on how to scale their business through different stages of growth to maximise value and prepare for eventual sale.

Key Points:

  • Stage 1: Viable: Prove business concept viability; seek extensive market feedback; focus on initial setup and funding.
  • Stage 2: Sustainable: Achieve profitability; develop core systems in Marketing, Sales, Delivery/Operations, and Finance.
  • Stage 3: Reliable: Establish reliable income; refine systems and strategic plans; begin reducing founder's operational involvement.
  • Stage 4: Scalable: Enhance system scalability; manage increased demand without proportional cost hikes; strengthen leadership and strategic planning.
  • Stage 5: Saleable: Prepare business for sale; implement succession plans; focus on robust, diversified growth and strategic exit planning.

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