Strategies to Minimise Fraud in Your Business

Relevant For:

Business owners, managers, and leaders responsible for organisational integrity.

Key Points:

  • Develop and communicate a robust fraud control policy.
  • Regularly assess internal and external fraud risks.
  • Strengthen internal controls to detect and prevent fraud.
  • Establish formal mechanisms for reporting suspicious activities.
  • Educate employees on fraud recognition, detection, and prevention.
  • Cultivate a culture where fraud prevention is integral to operations.

Full Article:

Fraud can disrupt business continuity, degrade service quality, and threaten financial stability. Additionally, it can damage your organisation’s reputation. To minimise fraud and its impact, it's essential to implement sound operational policies, foster a culture of fraud awareness, and act decisively when fraud is suspected.

Here are key strategies to mitigate fraud risk and promote awareness:

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