Profit Improvement Programme

For businesses experiencing inadequate profit, such as a market based Total Return to Owners rate of less than 15% (or more for riskier businesses), this programme will help you:

  • Discover profit improvement opportunities;
  • Work on them; and
  • Clearly see the financial effects of improvement with benchmarking and financial projections (“Financial Clarity” version only).

Find out more below, and then arrange a free meeting to discuss if this is right for you and how we get started (Risk-Free for new Munro’s clients).

An alternative (but less recommended) place to start is a Lost Profit Workshop.

Primary benefit of the programme

This Profit Improvement Programme helps you discover:

  1. What you need to focus on to maximise profit;
  2. In what order; and
  3. How.

Plus, it very importantly goes one step further, to help you:

Actually get started on improving your profit.

People who are interested in this programme:

  • Are usually struggling to maintain and improve profit;
  • In a situation where they are profitable, but it’s more often unpredictable and linked to the economy (and luck);
  • Have no profit improvement plans; and/or
  • If they do have a plan, little of it is proactively followed through into action (it gathers dust on a shelf or lays unopened for months).

This programme addresses common barriers

  • Not knowing what to do, where to start and how to do it;
  • The fear of failing; and
  • Finding the time to work on very important, but often overlooked “non-urgent” tasks. I.e. Beating the “too busy” syndrome.

Overview of the problem this programme addresses

Unfortunately, many business owners and leaders haven’t been trained on how to implement a profit improvement plan.

This leads to many businesses either having no plan or having a plan that is seldom put into action.

The result:

  • Less than ideal profits; and
  • Frustrated owners, leaders and rising stars.

Our three-month mixed in-person and online programme has been designed to overcome the aforementioned scenario. To enable business owners, with their managers and rising stars, to understand the leadership, operational and financial implications of profit improvement. And, most importantly, actually get plans put into action.

Is this right for you?

To be part of the programme, you should be an established business with:

  • Product-market fit;
  • More than 5 full-time equivalent employees*;
  • At least $500,000 in annual revenue*; and
  • Genuinely committed to change.

* Less may be acceptable if you are growing quickly (contact us directly so we may assess what is best for you).

What you’ll get from the programme

The programme is structured to identify opportunities for enhancing your business’s profitability.

You will not only identify changes that need to be made in order to improve profit, you will importantly work on those changes. It’s much more than a workshop.

During the in-person sessions you will discover what it is your business needs to do to achieve your objectives. You will develop a profit improvement plan with built-in tasks, accountabilities and authorities.

You will put these into action between sessions throughout the programme. Importantly, you receive support between sessions too.

You receive a Business Improvement Manual with materials relevant to the programme that will help you make the required changes between sessions, and after the programme ends.

Further, between sessions you have access to online materials to combat forgetfulness and instead help embed new capabilities

By the end of the programme you will have taken real action to improve profit. Subject to the type of programme you select, this will be quantified in financial projections (refer to the “Financial Clarity” version of the programme).

Additionally, you will know what to do next to continue improvement.

Do it with your team (we highly recommend this)

Not only do business owners and leaders need to learn how to lead a team to success, the team also needs to learn how to be led to success.

The programme supports team involvement with flexibility to accommodate varying team sizes.


The programme is a mix of in-person and online.

It is available in every capital city in Australia, as well as major regional cities around Australia.

A disbursement for travel costs will be added to the price for programmes run outside of Perth.

Private or with others

We offer flexibility by making the programme available:

  • Privately – only your business is involved.
  • With others/cohorts – participate in the programme with other businesses.

Privately run programmes are available year-round and planned around what is best for you.

Cohort run programmes are available on an irregular unplanned schedule subject to our availability and demand.

If a cohort programme isn’t listed, then it is unlikely we will be running one for at least two months.

Your time commitment

The programme is run over approximately 90 days.

Each participating individual will need to dedicate an average of approximately 4 hours per week to the programme.

The investment



Number of People

in Your Team


Financial Clarity

Incl. Financial Clarity



Financial Clarity


Financial Clarity







11,835 17,835 7,215



12,755 18,755 8,135



13,675 19,675 9,055 15,055






15,515 21,515



All prices are excluding GST.

A disbursement for travel costs will be added to the price for programmes run outside of Perth.

75% is payable upon booking. The remainder is payable at the conclusion of the programme.

Give Us a Go, Risk-Free

For first time business clients of Munro’s, if we chose to work with one another, we’ll guarantee you a Risk-Free Trial. This programme can form part of that trial.

This is a 90-day trial offering a refund if not satisfied, providing a no-risk opportunity to experience our services before committing to a longer-term plan.

We offer this because we know it can be difficult to take the first step and we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

It’s our first way of helping you, beat the status quo!

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