A review of What Really Works in the context of small-medium businesses

This is a practical review assessing the book, What Really Works, in the context of small-medium businesses. 

The review includes: 

The articles that dive into the six business areas are structured by: 

  1. Firstly, articulating the relevant problem; 
  2. Followed by, concisely revealing what the research suggests; and then
  3. Outlining tactical solutions you can consider to reap the benefits. 

You might find some of the practical tips appear to be self-serving – pointing you towards engaging professional support, the kind provided by Munro’s. 

Please trust that we aren’t pointing you in our direction to push our solutions. Rather, when we suggest professional support it comes from a place of genuinely believing it’s in your interests. 

At Munro’s, we just happen to provide some of the solutions that are in your best interests because that’s exactly the professional problem solving business we’re in – the business of helping you experience success from accounting and business improvement solutions. 

Also, it’s likely you’ll feel much of it is common knowledge. That’s because it is, and this is a great thing because it means you already know much of what you should be doing. 

But, we’re confident you’ll also take on board a few extra pieces of knowledge that’ll enhance your understanding of what is required to take your business to the next level. In the end, if nothing else, we trust this will help sharpen your focus on getting the right things done for you and your business. 

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Disclaimer: The authors and publishers of What Really Works have not in any way explicitly or implicitly endorsed or approved this review. The opinions expressed in this review are intended for general information purposes and no reader should act on them without thoroughly considering their own circumstances. Munro’s recommends that readers of this review who contemplate taking any action based on it seriously consider at least first reading the book What Really Works, and consult with their professional business advisor. For further disclaimer, please refer to Munro’s general disclaimer here.